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Do not take additional of this medication compared to advised by your health treatment company. Pregnant women have to not start the procedure without getting in touch with their medical professional first. This medicine has consequently been identified as FDA pregnancy classification X - as possibly dangerous and really dangerous. You have to use added approaches of childbirth command while taking Cytotec to stay away from severe health outcomes. Do not take a dual dosage in instance of unintentionally failing to remember to take the medicine. Cytotec must be taken for the full course of NSAID procedure, also if you do not visit any kind of troubles with your belly.

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In some cases light negative side effects of Cytotec are feasible and they can include constipation, nausea or vomiting, throwing up, headache, moderate looseness of the bowels, unwanted gas, stomach pains, or menstruation aches. No special preventative measures are called for. This medicine could induce a miscarriage as it has actually been stated to cause uterine tightenings. However, you must not take one more medicine with Cytotec without previously reviewing it with your medical professional.

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If these signs persist or become much more extreme call you doctor when possible. If it's practically time for an additional amount you can miss the one missed.